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my Japan

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

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AUTUMN DANCING LEAVES ©Elenashirinfineartphotography| all rights reserved. AUTUMN DANCING LEAVES The spiritual charm of poetry. With the use of gold leafs i can feel the poetry of reaching moon reflecting light .I try to research the place and time in my memory creating a new space for my women's in a surreal and armonical relation with a nature. In my art work i research the synthesis of the opposit. In my art work Ladies, my Daughters, Maiko and Geiko are presented as if they are in an unknown place, out of time in a dreamy situation,..........IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.


STORY OF FLOWERS 美しい日本 ©Elenashirinfineartphotography| all rights reserved Yama kurete momiji no ake wo ubai keri. Yosa Buson (1715-1783)

my Exhibition in OSAKA, SHIBATA-CHO GALLERY , my doughter Carlotta and husband Koki